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How Does Natural Juicing Help Prevent and Fight Against Common Diseases?

nutri ninja pro blenderFor those who suffer from health issues such as cancer, obesity, diabetes and other ailments that affect our society, juicing can be a great ally to combat disease and feel better.

With so many people juicing now days and reaping the benefits that come from this practice is a fact, that Juicing can be great for your health. Unfortunately, because making a fresh juice can be time consuming and quite a mess, not many people take the time to make it a daily habit.

What few people know is that there is an easier, faster and less messy way to enjoy fresh juices daily, the secret to this lays on choosing the right juicer or blender machine for you.

If the idea of buying a juicer isn’t part of your present budget plan, don’t worry. Blenders are known to be a great alternative to juicer lovers. Blender juicing works greatest with soft fruits such as pears, peaches, grapes, oranges and apricots. Bananas and avocados gives juices a denser consistency.

For those who suffer from diabetes should not be overly concerned with natural fruit juices made with blenders as it should be seen as a great alternative to replace meals and artificial sugars. Also if you want to know other tips to combat obesity and inflated blood sugar levels, be sure to look into the nutri ninja pro (a juicing blender for whole foods like fruits and vegetables).

Blending Juices Made Easy

Different than a blender a juicer has the capability to automatically separate juice directly from pulp. So when you use a blender to make juices, you can choose from using a strainer to keep some or no pulp at all, which is a great choice to have. With that said, let’s look at the steps in getting the best fresh juice from a blender:

Using a Blender as a Juicer

Step 1:

I hope you have your fruits ready! Thoroughly wash your fruits and vegetables with cold, pure water in order to reduce the risk of contamination that may cause food borne illnesses. Avoid washing your fruits and vegetables in detergents. Detergents may perhaps leave residues, which are quite unhealthy for consumption. For those produce with quite thicker skins such as cucumbers, a vegetable brush can be used to remove all the dirt and debris. Many ask the question and correlation between cancer prevention and juicing.

To make the healthiest juices is a good idea to juice lots of green vegetables to get all the nutrients. You may have even heard of the popular green juices or jugo verde for better overall health and longevity.

Step 2: That done, remove any visible cores, seeds as well as pits from your foodstuffs then cut your fruit and vegetables into smaller pieces with the help of a cutting board and a sharp knife.

The smaller the pieces cut, the easier it will be to liquefy your produce in the blender. Delicious!

Step 3: Place the already cut pieces into the blender and add approximately a half cupful of pure water for every 4 large pieces of fruit or for every four cups of the small fruits such as berries used.

Step 4: Place the cover on the blender and its show time! Blend your mixture on a medium setting for several seconds then stop your blender and adjust the setting to a high setting. Then, blend for several seconds on the higher setting mode until the juice attains its desired consistency. These can be great for brain health and can potentially act as a natural nootropic that will help us age gracefully into our golden years. Brainstorm Elite is another cognitive enhancer worth mentioning that can help increase brain health just like the regular daily habit of juicing your vegetables!

You can now add more water and continue blending for some more seconds if necessary.

Step 5: Separate your juice from the pulp by directly pouring your fresh juice through a mesh strainer or rather cheesecloth into a container-in case you want pure juice-and then get rid of the pulp.

Serve your delicious juice straightaway or you can store the juice in an airtight container in the refrigerator for no longer than 24 hours in order to minimize on loss of nutrients. Juices make a great food alternative for those who want to lose weight and attain a healthy body.

Also if your main goal is to lose weight it can be a good plan to add a natural health supplement and a Nutri Ninja Pro Blender to help you attain your weight loss goals.

Get yourself a premium quality blender for juicing as they are not near as pricey as you might think. You can choose any type from Amazon with an affordable price and I guarantee that it will serve you to its best in terms of your needs.

Bottom Line

Well, there you have it, I hope these steps will be of great importance to those juice lovers out there who cannot get enough of a fresh blended juice. Remember that blender juices best works for soft fruits and it is much harder to blend hard fruits. In a nutshell, a juice blender rocks!