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Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Good for Humans and Pets

While diatomaceous earth may have many benefits for humans, using it may be even more beneficial for your pets. Chances are at some point your cat or dog is going to get infected by parasites. The longer they spent outside, the greater the chance for infection. The good news is that there are several treatments to eliminate and repel these parasites, one of which is diatomaceous earth.

Food Grade DE For Internal Parasites

diatomaceous earth benefitsDogs are particularly venerable to internal parasites like tapeworms and roundworms. Diatomaceous earth is one of the most effective and efficient treatment methods to eliminate these internal parasites.

If you looked under a microscope, you’d see diatomaceous earth looks like broken glass. Diatomaceous earth has sharp edges that don’t affect a cat or dog’s internal organs. However, when ingested, these sharp edges cut a parasite’s protective coating, so they dehydrate and die shortly after. Any and all larvae are eliminated in the same manner.

This simple process may take up to a month depending on how severe the situation is. It’s best to at least administer diatomaceous earth for a few weeks to ensure that all larvae are expelled. Otherwise you’ll just have to deal with the same situation down the road again. This is because of the high silica mineral content found in pure grade diatomaceous earth powders that can help safely remove and eliminate all problematic parasites in the body.

Diatomaceous Earth For Flea and Tick Control

Diatomaceous earth is also excellent for flea and tick control. Diatomaceous earth can be directly applied to the coat of your cat or dog to repel fleas and ticks. Any fleas or ticks that do try to bite your animal are quickly killed in the same way internal parasites are. These parasites will be forced to either flee your animal or face a certain death which is one of the positive side effects of silica-based DE.

Once the coat is applied, parasites are repelled for about a month. You should then re-apply a small coating of diatomaceous earth again to continue repelling parasites. We do not recommend applying more than once a month because diatomaceous earth could dry out your pet’s skin.

Pure Diatomaceous Earth and Livestock

Diatomaceous earth can also be used in farming as well. You can sprinkle diatomaceous earth directly on animal feed to eliminate parasites and repel flies. You can also add a coating on cows to repel flies and to control other parasites.

Adding diatomaceous earth to animal feed has several effects beyond parasite control. It may stimulate the animal’s metabolism, help protect the hoof and coat of the livestock, may reduce animal stress, and may help improve the animal’s overall health. Farmers swear by diatomaceous earth and it is one of the most effective forms of parasite control that doesn’t cost farmers an arm and a leg.

Proper Diatomaceous Earth Dosage

Diatomaceous earth dosage is even more important in animals than it is in humans. For your typical cat or dog house pet, here is the approximate dosage for daily use:

  • Kittens: 1/4th teaspoon
  • Large Cats: 1 teaspoon
  • Mini dogs: ½ teaspoon
  • Puppies: 1/4th teaspoon
  • Dogs 50-100lbs: 1 tablespoon
  • Dogs 100+ lbs.: 1-2 tablespoons

Of course, you’ll want to monitor your pet’s health just like you would your own while you take diatomaceous earth. If for some reason your pet seems like it is not tolerating diatomaceous earth well, you should immediately stop diatomaceous earth to see if symptoms subside.

Diatomaceous earth is a valuable natural silica supplement to have around the house and chances are it will benefit your pet at some point in its’ life. Buying a quality diatomaceous earth supplement will protect your house pet from parasites and give you the peace of mind knowing your pet can live a higher quality life free of harmful and annoying parasites.