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Personalizing Cancer Prevention

About CRisP


Financed by the Swedish Research Council through a 10-year Linnaeus grant, CRisP was established in 2008 based on a shared vision of decreased breast and prostate cancer mortality through individualized risk prediction and prevention. CRisP is a translational research environment at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, covering the fields of cancer epidemiology, next-generation sequencing, biostatistics, systems biology, pathology, surgery and quality-of-life research. Our long-term strategy to reach our vision is based on a strong research culture that nurtures the interplay between these fields, as well as building the most well-characterised cancer cohorts in the world.


We are currently updating the site and will shortly add more details about the organization.

The steering committee consists of 11 professors from Karolinska Institutet and the Karolinska University Hospital, representing both pre-clinical and clinical departments. The steering committee is responsible for strategic decisions pertaining to recruitment, allocation of finances and communication.

The scientific advisory board consists of international experts within the field of breast and prostate cancer research.  The board is responsible for providing unbiased strategic advise on primarily research questions.

The junior management team consists of junior researchers in CRisP. The team is responsible for the tactical questions pertaining to internal communication and prioritization. A member of the team participates in all steering committee meetings.

The CRisP members consists of all researchers, admin and technical personnel that are involved in the research projects in CRisP. All members are encouraged to provide suggestions for new projects and communication strategies through annual reatreats, workshops and seminars.